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Let's Compare Two Amagansett Farrell Homes in Contract

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The rule in real estate is location, location, location. What kind of amenities overrule a superior location? And how does price factor in? Let's compare these two new Amagansett homes by Farrell: 32 Saint Mary's Lane and 216 Bluff Road. They're Farrell's highest priced homes in Amagansett and they're both now in contract. One costs more and offers a bigger house on a bigger lot; one costs less but is a better address.

Property St Mary's Lane Bluff Road
Price $8,950,000 $7,950,000
Land 1.2 acre 0.74 acre
Size 6500sf 5400sf
Bedrooms 6 6
Bathrooms 7 full, 2 half 6 full, 2 half
Pool Yes Yes
Tennis court Yes No

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