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Amagansett Whaling Captain's Home Redolent of History

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It really is too bad that walls can't talk because this 2500sf farmhouse would have some amazing tales to tell. Built by Talmage Barnes VI, born 1782, this house was then surrounded by 40 acres of farmland, but Talmage felt isolated, so he moved to Main Street. He sold the house to Sylvester Miller, a whaling captain, who lived a "rugid" life in search of whales from 1829-1845. Later in the century the house became a boardinghouse. Among other historic elements, the house contains two original hand turned columns made by Nathaniel Dominy V in 1802 for Clinton Academy; it's believed that the columns made their way to the Talmage Barnes house when Clinton Academy was renovated in 1886.

Today, the house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is now one acre of land; no pool, but there's plenty of room for one. Asking price is $2.75M. If you like to collect antiques—why not live in one?
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