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Adding Australian Accents in a Sagaponack Interior

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Australian born entrepreneur Tracey Frost-Rensky says, "I've really tried to recreate Sydney in my house." Bondi North, in Sagaponack, pictured in the New York Post's Alexa Luxe Living, was bought with her husband, investment banker Filip Rensky, back in 2007. Contemporary Aboriginal art hangs on the walls; tableware is from Australia, and even the playroom for daughters Natasha and Chloe sports plush kangaroos. The property allows for the kind of outdoor living loved by Aussies; French doors open to a terrace, pergola, pizza over and fire pit, while the scent of gardenia, a favorite in gardens Down Under, drifts past. A recent renovation and redesign by New York-based Form Architecture and Interiors added contemporary touches like a Werner Kanner coffee table, Alberto Pinto-style brass pendant chandeliers, and colorblocked fabric. It all makes for a house that may be 10,000 miles from Bondi Beach, but is still redolent of home.
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