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Why the Family Sold the Jeremiah Halsey Jr. House

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Yesterday, we posted about the news that another historic home, the Jeremiah Halsey Jr. house in Bridgehampton, has been issued a demo permit. One commenter, a relative of the original owners, offered a sad reason why the house went out of the family. "…the house was part of my family (by marriage) until 1961. At that time, there was a family member, a widow, living in it, and she was assaulted. She was frightened to continue living there alone, so she sold it and moved closer to the village. The family was sick about it but understood. The house was restored by a succession of loving owners and could easily have been lived in as it was when sold. The new owner is not an end-user -- a developer. I agree that the town needs a mechanism to save these historic houses, as do some of the villages on the South Fork."
· Demo Permit Issued for BH's Jeremiah Halsey Jr. House [CH]