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Meadow Lane Norman Jaffe Is Priceupped a Million Bucks

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[Aerial photo ©] In the past couple of years, a number of Norman Jaffe houses on Meadow Lane have been put up for sale. Prices didn't seem unreasonable, given the size of the properties and the houses' stylish pedigrees, but neither 210 Meadow Lane, asking $29.95M, with 8500sf and on 2.3 acres, nor 2170 Meadow Lane, a more compact 3200sf but with a larger plot at more than 4 acres, asking $24M sold. They were then taken off the market.

Last July, quite similar in style to the other two, with plenty of Jaffe signature touches like natural wood and stone, 88 Meadow Lane hit the market asking $24.95M. The house is sized between the other two at 5800sf, on 2.3 acres. This place didn't sell either. Undaunted, though, the sellers have upped the price to $26M. The triumph of hope over experience?
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