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Updated Carl Fisher Tudor with Charm Galore for $2.95M

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Updated kitchen, cozy living room, airy great room: there's no fault to be found here. This house was built back in the 1920s when Carl Fisher had the bright idea to make Montauk the Miami Beach of the north. (You were off by only eighty years, Carl…) The house retains its original charm; it's a spacious 3800sf with five bedrooms and five baths. The one bath pictured in the listing looks original: we approve. Outside, there's 0.68 of an acre of beautifully planted gardens, with privacy guarded by hedges. No pool, but there's plenty of room for one. We're just not sure about two things: the bear rug (eeek!) and the price. We'll have to watch this one.
· Secret Garden [MarthaGreene]