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East Deck Owners: Thanks. We Didn't Catch Your Name

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The East Hampton Star ran an editorial last Wednesday stating that "Something puzzling is afoot on the Ditch Plain shore" and that before the town accepts the gift of tons of fill from the new East Deck Motel owners, the public should know who the "suspiciously anonymous" owners are. In light of the fact that, as we posted last week, the East Deck owners were installing septic or drainage rings without a permit on the property, which resulted in a stop work order, we have to agree with the Star. We can accept that the new owners are deep-pocketed Montauk lovers who want to protect the area, but we too would like to know who they are. Last autumn we were told by numerous sources that the owner was Vitaminwater mogul Mike Repole, but representatives for ED40 LLC, the registered owners, deny it. East Hampton resident Scott Bradley, a board member at Paddlers for Humanity, is listed as CEO of ED40 LLC on his LinkedIn profile. If anyone else has any further intel, you know where to reach us.
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