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Demo Permit Issued for BH's Jeremiah Halsey Jr. House

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Another historic area home, probably close to 300 years old, is almost certainly about to bite the dust. This vernacular Georgian house first shows up on a map in 1750. It was built by Jeremiah Halsey (1696-1768), a great-grandson of Thomas Halsey Sr., an original Southampton settler. On the 1750 map, the owner was listed as Paul Halsey, his son, and the namesake of Pauls Lane, which the house faces. The property remained in the same family for 231 years, until 1961.

The house was probably originally what's called a half house, with an extra bay added to make it a "three quarters house." While other additions and renovations occurred over the years, the structure retains many original and rare details, including flooring averaging 18 inches wide, "shot gun" posts, original fireplaces, including the original cooking hearth. It's a sad day for people who value the East End's architectural heritage.