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No One Wants to Surf in Sewage at Ditch Plains

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A Montauk local noticed that the new owner of the East Deck motel was installing septic tanks right near the beach. He contacted Concerned Citizens of Montauk, who contacted East Hampton. Jeremy Samuelson, executive director of CCOM, issued the following statement to Curbed Hamptons: "The new owners of the East Deck Motel recently received permission from East Hampton Town to build a sand berm to mitigate against possible storm surge and flood inundation. During that review process, the applicant did not request permission to expand or alter additional structures on the property. Concerned Citizens of Montauk was notified by a local resident that concrete rings of the type used for drainage or septic systems were being installed on the property within the 150-foot natural resources setback. Environmental protection laws that apply to this property require both a natural resources special permit and site plan review.

"After confirming the rings were being installed and that the property owners had not disclosed their construction activity or applied for the required environmental review or permits, CCOM notified the town of the apparently illegal construction in a protected area. It is our understanding that the Town then investigated and issued a stop work order, halting the installation of the concrete rings. At this point, the owners of East Deck will need to enter into the review and permitting process outlined in the law or remove any structures installed without permits." Thanks to the eagle-eyed local and CCOM for watching out for the environment.