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Tasteful Gambrel in Water Mill South is Yours for $11.9M

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This lovely house is so impeccably tasteful it verges into the boring, frankly. Every room is styled to perfection, all in soothing shades of white and pale gray, but there are so many of them, and they're all so alike, we're dying for a touch of color and personality somewhere. In a house this size, how do you choose which of 58 identical sitting rooms to sit in? (Love the William Morris print dining chairs, however.) The house is 8600sf, set on 1.6 acres of land, which look out over farm fields. There's a master suite, four guest bedrooms, two rooms for staff and two laundry rooms. There's a home theater (showing one of our favorite movies) and a "virtual sport room" to practice your golf swing. The pool house offers another sitting room, a kitchenette and bonus rooms.
· Stately Traditional with Farm Views [Sotheby's]