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Groovy 60s Contemporary on the Ocean in Montauk

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This 1968 house, set on 0.40 acre of Montauk oceanfront, is appealing on the outside. And of course, it features spectacular views wherever you are. Inside, though, it's a little too funky 60s. All that knotty pine, especially on the ceilings, is too much, we think. (The pine ceilings in particular need to be painted white. We feel a bit claustrophobic looking at the photos.) There are four bedrooms, including a cute bunk room, and three baths, which have obviously been recently renovated, as has the kitchen. The other thing we'd change if we owned it is the spiral staircase. They're just not practical for families with kids, or pets, or older adults. Price is $5.79M; the place has been on the market for years; it was $6.5M back in 2011.
· 184 Old Montauk Hwy [Elliman]