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Look at David Tepper's Megamansion Nearing Completion

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Of course you remember that back in 2011, hedge fund gazillionaire David Tepper bought an oceanfront mansion in Sagaponack for $43.5 million—and then razed it. Work on his new 15,000sf spread has continued ever since. Our friend Jeff Cully at EEFAS recently flew by Gibson Lane and took some photos. Looks like the new place should be ready for Memorial Day.

The beach looks pretty nice after this winter's nourishment project, too.

This project has taken a long, long time. Here's what the property looked like back in January 2013:

And in March 2012:

What do you think of the property? Is the house, as we were told, "evocative of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello"? What do you say, Mr. President?

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