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Hotels Week 2014 Starts Today

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Pack your bags and get ready for a five-day trip through the best and worst of Hamptons hotels--our second annual Hotels Week begins today. We'll be taking a look at the best amenities available to well-heeled guests, exploring the hostelries with the best on-site restaurants, and forgetting all our troubles in the best hotel spas. Indulge your inner Basil Fawlty by scouting out various B&Bs for sale. You'll learn about how, when, and whom to tip, and which hotel apps are the best at securing a coveted room. And of course, we'll update the Hotel 18 to answer the question "Where should I stay in the Hamptons?"

As always, we're open to your tips and suggestions. Did we forget your favorite hotel? Horror story to share? Is there a fabulous amenity that we should know about? Send your stories, tips, and kudos to the tipline or leave a comment on the site. We hope your enjoy your stay.

[Credit: RetroClipArt/Shutterstock]