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Scott Bommer Buys Three Lily Pond Lane Properties for $93.9M

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Serial flipper Scott Bommer, whose day job is running hedge fund SAB Capital Management, is at it again here in the Hamptons. He bought Wooldon Manor last autumn and then put it right back on the market. He hasn't yet disposed of his remaining Gin Lane property (the Ford estate with the Philip Johnson addition), but he did sell the one next door quickly. He's also now purchased, according to the Wall Street Journal, 93 Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton, a deal we wrote about two weeks ago. And just for good measure he also picked up 101 Lily Pond Lane and 97 Lily Pond Lane, which weren't even on the market. Total cost is $93.9M (or so!) for a bragworthy 6.2 acres. Will Bommer knock down the current houses and build one giant mansion? And then flip that? Grab the popcorn, folks.
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