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Making a Sagaponack Spec House Spectacular

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Spec houses, as we know, are sometimes boring and charmless. But when the buyer is an interior designer, as here, the results can be spectacular. New York-based interior designer Gideon Mendelson bought this five-bedroom in Sagaponack, and turned it into "a sophisticated, cohesive environment with a few very unlikely characters," as he tells Domaine. Many of the pieces came from Mendelson's own designs, but all show the signature "nod to traditionalism" his New York-based company, the Mendelson Group, is known for.

Above is the dining room, featuring an Oval Boi Chandelier from David Weeks Studio and Lorin Marsh Promenade Caned Armchairs. The standard spec house floor of red oak was stained with a hint of olive green to tone down the color. Pops of chartreuse continue throughout the house.

The blue living room sports a custom settee upholstered with brown and chartreuse linen, demonstrating Mendelson's love for "marrying unexpected things." The Hervé Van Der Straeten mirror on the mantel evokes an "odd kind of Tim Burton effect," according to Mendelsohn, and the multi-tiered cocktail table by Lebanese designer Nada Debs is "going to become an icon," he says.

In the family room, club chairs are by Roman Thomas.

In this bamboo-wallpapered bedroom, duvets from Serena & Lily add a pop of unexpected color. "My friends come and feel really comfortable," says Mendelson. "Every room gets used, and it's a place everybody wants to come."
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