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'Cyril has thumbed his nose at everyone over the years'

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"Cyril bought the place in a residential zone. [Actually, he doesn't own the property. He rents it. –Ed.] It has pre-existing non-conforming use allowed. That means he is allowed to operate a business only the way it was when he bought it years ago. He is not allowed to make any additions or changes to the property without going to site plan review. You do not want to go to site plan because you have the potential to lose your pre-existing "grandfathered" status.

"Over the years he has added buildings on the back to house his walk ins and additional storage units. He has cleared a huge area to the west of the building and turned it into a graveled parking lot which is also home to an additional bar (against SLA regulations).

"So yes people, Cyril has thumbed his nose at everyone over the years with all the illegal additions he has done and now it all has finally caught up with him. [...]

"The other restaurants on the stretch have remained the same over the years. I'm sure the owners of Clam Bar or Lunch would like to expand and increase their revenue also but they have chosen to abide by the laws in place. Fair is fair. Cyril is a nice guy and the food/vibe may be good there but he has brought this on himself. […]

"Cyril needs to go back to his 62 seat restaurant and maybe concentrate on the food a bit more instead of the BBCs!"
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Cyril's Fish House

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