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Is There an Angel Out There Who Can Save this Historic Home?

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The Jeremiah Halsey Jr. house in Bridgehampton, which is 300 years old, is still standing, but it won't be for long unless there is someone out there who is willing and able to move it onto their property. The story so far: this vernacular Georgian house was built before 1750 by Jeremiah Halsey (1696-1768), a great-grandson of an original Southampton settler. The property was sold recently and a demolition permit was issued for it. A neighbor, Stacy Ludlow, who owns the Mecox Bay Dairy Farm, was interested in moving the house onto her land, but unbeknownst to her, the Westhampton Beach Historical Society had been removing pieces of the house's interior with the owners' permission. Their aim was to use the pieces in their restoration of an historic home, the Foster-Meeker House. Unfortunately, with parts of the Halsey house now missing, Stacy Ludlow does not have the resources to restore it.

Unless someone can move the house, it will be gone forever in one month. That is where you, a historic home enthusiast with deep pockets, come in. The owners of the property are kindly allowing anyone who can move the house to take it for free (along with free architectural services). Also, Stacy says that the house may be temporarily moved across the street to her horse farm while a permanent place is found for it. The house does need work and money put into it, as you can see from these photos, but it's still beautiful and an irreplaceable part of local history. Interested? Email and let's get this house saved.
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