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Waterviews from Almost Every Room in Sag Harbor

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Is Sag Harbor the hottest market in the Hamptons? Maybe, although Amagansett seems right on its heels. Either way, this blue stucco contemporary five-bedroom has it made when it comes to location—right on Bay Point, with water, water everywhere. The lot is small, as is the norm for the area with 0.25 acre, but the property makes good use of the space available with a pool and entertaining area on the waterfront. (No word on whether the pool guy comes along with the property…) There's even a roof deck for even more views. Inside, there's 2400sf of space with the aforementioned five bedrooms and four baths. The interior is a little dated (those glass bowl sinks already look so ten years ago), but nothing major. Asking price is $2.295M. Will they get it? You tell us.
· Sag Harbor, New York [BHS]