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Stable Your Nags in Style on Shelter Island

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Love horses but don't want to pay ridiculous Bridgehampton prices for your equestrian center? Go to Shelter Island, where you can get nearly 70 acres (Hampshire Farms) for only $3.75M. That includes about 65 acres to ride Dobbin in style plus about four acres to build your house. This property has just had the pricechopper wielded on it to the tune of $2.1M; it was previously $5.85M. Currently there are 50 stalls, paddocks, and an indoor riding ring on the property. Hate horses but love wine? Ditch the equines and start a vineyard instead! Move fast--we bet this property will be snapped up soon.
· Unique 65+/- Acre Equestrian Property [Sotheby's]