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What Should Be Done About Cyril's?

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Differing opinions in the comments yesterday about the news that East Hampton Town may be finally cracking down on Cyril's Fish House in Napeague. Some commenters applauded the idea that Cyril's might be prevented from opening: "Cyril continues to flip the bird to town officials. The fines and citations are just the cost of doing business to him, and he's making a FORTUNE every summer. The parking and crowd situation is really out of control there, and so unsafe once it gets dark." "I wish they would close that dump and get rid of all those alcohol infused losers who feel that it's fun to stand & drink by a highway." "It looks like a scene from CSI Miami spring break edition in there on a Saturday. Absolute clown town. But he rakes it in with his no credit card policy." Commenter notgonna disagreed. "Restrict them from opening? What's the matter with this town? While I'm not a huge fan of Cyrils (the food is beyond nasty and crazy Cyril is totally pickled,) but it's wonderful to see pockets of social activity like this in the Hamptons. I, for one, think that there needs to be more places like this. It's great to see people come out of their homes and be social. I know I'm in the minority, but I also think Surf Lodge and Sloppy Tuna are wonderful. […] the town needs to do whatever it can to encourage and work alongside businesses that add to the vibe of the town... and not attempt to prevent it."
· East Hampton Cracking Down on Cyril's [CH]

Cyril's Fish House

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