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Aspirational Modern in Amagansett for $8.25M

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The brokerbabble is strong in this one. "Inspired by the Modern Traditionalist movement in London" (nope, us either) this house is "designed to appeal to a traditional buyer with modern sensibilities." If by "traditional buyer" they mean "one who can pony up eight mil," sure! Kidding aside, we think a spare, modern scheme for a vacation home is very relaxing. The house is 8500sf, with six bedrooms and 6.5 baths. The house offers two first-floor master suites, and the outdoors is great for entertaining with a covered terrace with fireplace. The plot is 1.25 acres. While the price is "aspirational," we note that the new house Farrell is building at 32 St Marys Lane, which we wrote about last week, is a slightly smaller house on the same sized plot asking $8.995M. (Edited to add: we wondered if some of these were architectural renderings or not and now we have the answer. Yes.)
· An Aspirational Standard Of Living [Saunders]