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The Watchcase Factory is Defaced!

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Watchcase Factory

The Watchcase Factory in Sag Harbor has created quite the hullabaloo among locals and prospective buyers. Feeling more like a sleek Manhattan penthouse than a quaint SH village property, the condos were recently vandalized. This really shouldn't come as much of a shock, because certain folks haven't been exactly, ahem, quiet about their displeasure with the project.

According to the SH Express, more than $20k in damages was incurred by the luxury units. Windows and doors were kicked in, and '' was spray painted all over the townhouses. Oddly enough, we haven't read much about this incident. In fact, the organization denies any involvement. We're not quite sure who is to blame, but the police confirm that they are still investigating. Cape Advisors, the company in charge of construction, maintains that these disruptions will not affect the completion date. Why this story isn't being more widely reported. Do we smell a cover up?

Sag Harbor Express