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Update: There's Officially No Love in Bridgehampton!

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Always a bridesmaid, 19 Casey Lane just can't seem to find its mate. This property has been to the pricechopper a whopping 5 times, with still no buyer in sight. True, one time the sellers actually upped the price (what were they thinking?) but it's been on a steady decline ever since. Just reduced 2.5%, this listing was slashed $75K and is now asking $2.875M. With one acre and 5000sf, it sounds like a pretty good deal. The house has lovely fixtures with plenty of light (hello windows!), and the gunite pool is an added bonus. We're thinking that it's too far from Bridgehampton Village and not close enough to Sag Harbor. Why do you think these digs won't move? Let us know!

Pricechop again! [Sotheby's International Realty]