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Live Like HBO's Girls!

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In HBO's Girls recent "Beach House" episode, we watched some our fave post-collegiate ladies continue down a path of forced friendships and bad decisions. There were the occasional (and painfully obvious) bonding moments, and Zosia Mamet's character, Shoshanna Shapiro, took us on an emotional roller coaster of drunken outbursts. Overall, the ladies reconnected, for now. What ridiculous crisis will bring on even more melodrama next week? Only the show's creator Lena Dunham knows for sure.

As for us, we understand that it didn't make sense to send the cast to the Maidstone in East Hampton for an afternoon of high tea. But, we still think the characters would have loved the hipster vibe in Montauk. No matter, they ended up in fairytale-esque digs on the North Fork, directly across from Shelter Island. We found the house on Home Away, and it's available for rent. Here are some pics to ponder whether you want to live like the Girls.

HBO's Girls' Party Pad [Home Away]