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Is Alec Baldwin Really Leaving the Hamptons?

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Alec Baldwin really wants you to know that he's not a homophobe, but he does mind taking pictures with you. In a recent article for NY Mag, Baldwin rambles on and on about TMZ, New York and the gay community. Defensive about his decision to supposedly leave the East Coast, Baldwin says, "I don't want to be Mr. Show Business any more." (Because LA is the ideal place to avoid Hollywood right?)

Alec has had a tough time with the media, and his loose lips haven't done him any favors. This recent change of heart has us scratching our heads wondering if the Baldwin clan will actually make the move. Baldwin and his wife are Hamptons fixtures of the moneyed socialite faction, who managed to attend pretty much every party last season. When do these people sleep?

This, of course, has us speculating about his real estate situation. Will his fabulous pad on 341 Town Lane in Amagansett soon hit the chopping block? More importantly, will we see angry Alec this summer?

Full disclosure, Jamie Sharpe is also a reporter for New York Magazine; however, she only wrote about Alec's possible Hamptons departure for Curbed.

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