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Old-Fashioned in Southampton for $1.895M

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Down $405K, we haven't seen the likes of this 6 bedroom 5 bathrooms Southampton classic in 80 years. No longer the belle of the ball, this beauty is a bit past her prime. Feeling more like a Southern home with traditional shutters, porches and stained glass, this 3000sf house reflects a more old-fashioned era. Location is pretty good considering it's under $2M and South of the Highway. Lacking the space to ever achieve mcmansion status, we're doubting the 0.2 acre lot has much room for expansion or a pool. However, for those who treasure a storied house that is steeped in character, this property is nicely done. Will a 17.6% price chop combined with old world charm be enough to find a buyer before the summer starts? Please let us know what you think!

· Southampton Antique [Corcoran]