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The 2014 SUMMER RENTAL ROUNDUP: East Hampton Edition

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Hamptons rentals run the gamut from modest to superlative, from reasonably priced to Holy Crap! Curbed bring you three rentals per destination in various prices as we head east. Today we look at homes in the peaceful town of East Hampton.

7 Wigwam View Lane, East Hampton; Elliman
Price: $50,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: Let's face it, $50k for a summer in the Hamptons isn't exactly going to make your architectural dreams come true. However, this 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom abode ain't bad. Décor aside, there's a large heated pool with nearly an acre of outdoor living space and several decks. At 2200 sf, the deeded water access to Three Mile Harbor sure seems like a good way to spend the summer!

38 David's Lane, East Hampton; Elliman
Price: $250,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: We get it, you don't want to blow everything on your summer rental but you sure want to show off! Now, we think the outside of this 5,000 sf rental looks a bit, ahem, dated. But the inside? That's a different story. The look-at-me kitchen with that sexy Subzero fridge and Wolf range are attention grabbers. Sleek marble finishes, luxurious bedrooms and a spacious living area just scream Hamptons-chic.

Holy Crap!
19 Lee Avenue, East Hampton; hreo
Price: $500,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: If this estate on Lee Avenue doesn't proclaim to the Hamptons, nay the world, that you're successful (and really decadent) then nothing will! Boasting 10,000 sf, this stunner has 10 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. If that's not enough space for you, there's also a pool house and a children's playhouse (because, you know, children need their own housing, right?). A traditional heated Hamptons-style pool rounds out this fabulous "beach cottage". Just one thing, can we come over for cocktails, please?