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Breaking Bad: The Hamptons Edition

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Let's get serious, pretty much everything in the Hamptons requires a designer label. Don't play coy, boutique village shops are successful for one reason, a captive audience. And so it goes, an exclusive brand of heroin, nicknamed Hollywood heroin has been the drug of choice for moneyed socialites and the well to do on the East End for some time.

Reminiscent of an episode of Breaking Bad, the East End Drug Task Force recently busted the Hollywood drug ring. Ironically enough, Hollywood Heroin originates in Harlem. Quite honestly, we were rather surprised at the emergence of a Harlem-to-Hamptons drug pipeline. Last summer, we took some heat for phrases in our comments section referring to the Summer of the Hipster Douchebag. Honestly though, we'd take fedoras over hard drugs any day.
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