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Hamptons rentals run the gamut from modest to superlative, from reasonably priced to Holy Crap! Curbed bring you three rentals per destination in various prices as we head east. Today we look at homes in the peaceful towns of Shelter Island, Sag Harbor, and Wainscott.

3639 Noyack Road, Sag Harbor; Sotheby's
Price: $50,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: This cottage is snuggled among million-dollar houses on the bayfront. It's small at 1000sf, with two bedrooms and one bath and a studio area on the water level, along with decks for lazing away sunny summer days.

17 Association Rd, Wainscott; Elliman
Price: $250,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: Can't beat this one-bedroom cottage for location bragging rights: right on Georgica Pond. It's part of a larger estate, but set away from the main house for privacy, and includes beautiful landscaping. Furnishings are a little fussy and old-ladyish for our tastes, but the cottage does have its own pool, and of course views to die for.

Holy Crap!
124 Beach Ln, Wainscott; Main Street
Price: $450,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: This is one of the "Magnificent Seven": the seven oceanfront houses in Wainscott. It's been on the market for more than three years at $23.5M. It's very 80s in style, but if you're just renting for the summer, go with it and throw an 80s party. There are five bedrooms, a nice looking pool, and most importantly, 2.3 acres of the best beaches in the entire world.