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$2.195M Montauk Lakefront is an Eighties Flashback

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Ah, who can forget those golden days of Iran-contra, Michael Jackson, and Just Say No? Not this house, that's for sure. It's an 80s contemporary by Hollenbeck, and even the décor is frozen in that decade's fad for Southwestern style. There are three bedrooms and 4.5 baths in 2800sf. (Uh, what's with the sickbed in the photos?) The real star here is the land: 0.86 of an acre, with 100 feet of frontage on Lake Montauk and about three-quarters of an acre of riparian rights.

So…do we think somewhere President Reagan is saying, "Tear down this house?"
· Montauk Lakefront with Sunset [Saunders]

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