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East Hampton's Historic Osborne House Back on the Market

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When we checked in with this lovely place three weeks ago, it was listed in contract on the Douglas Elliman site. No more! Now Halstead has the listing and $700K has been slashed off the price; it's now $2.3M. The house is reportedly in foreclosure, so a buyer would have to be patient. Still, seems like a bargain now for the right person.

This early 20th century Queen Anne-style house is on Curbed's architectural walking tour, as a matter of fact. It belonged to George A. Osborne, from one of East Hampton's oldest families—Osbornes are recorded in East Hampton at least back to the 1650s. The house, which is 6000sf, has been nicely updated. It offers six bedrooms and six and a half baths on 0.43 acre. There isn't a pool but there's room for one on the pretty grounds.
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