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Dock to Dish Launches Restaurant-Supported Fishery

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It's great to see a local business succeed through clever and creative planning. Last year, Montauk's Dock to Dish started a community-supported fishing program, offering sustainable local catches to subscribers. Now Dock to Dish has expanded into restaurant-supported fishing, supplying chefs from the Hamptons to New York City with the freshest seafood possible. Chefs—who include such big names as Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern, and Joe Realmuto of the Nick & Toni's group--must be versatile. Co-founder Sean Barrett says, "A lot of times I'll be texting some of these chefs at the last minute, letting them know what kind of 50 pounds of fish will be delivered. Sometimes, even in the midst of divvying up fish for that day's delivery, more, even fresher fish will come to the dock, so we've got to include that too." Dock to Dish just finished its first three-month RSF and will start its second in mid-April.
· In Montauk, Dock to Dish Spearheads Restaurant-Supported Fisheries [27East]