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Catch the Preview of New Hamptons TV Show Seafood Safari

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Seafood Safari is an exciting new TV series that will showcase the best of the Hamptons. Each episode will feature Captain Ralph Towlen and Chef Kerry Heffernan, who will first catch seafood and then cook it with local, organic ingredients, in top Hamptons restaurants, in a private home, a palatial yacht moored in Sag Harbor, and a clambake on the beach. Using the beautiful Hamptons as a backdrop, we will meet the baymen fishing these waters for generations, the commercial fishing captains, local farmers, vineyard owners and more who call this beautiful place home. Nine episodes will be produced, all filmed right here and using only local people and products. Curbed friend Jeff Cully of EEFAS will be producing, filming, editing, and narrating the series. You'll see beautiful aerial views of the Hamptons, to underwater footage of Capt. Ralph spearfishing among shipwrecks, to simple yet delicious meals being prepared. The show will air in late 2014. We can't wait!
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