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New $22.95M Wainscott Farmhouse Includes 8.4 Acres of Land

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Back in September, star agent Gary DePersia told us that Wainscott, particularly Town Line Road, is poised for increased popularity, 'challenging the supremacy of Sagaponack.'" That hasn't helped this place, which is probably just overpriced, even though it includes 8.4 acres of land; it's been on the market for months and its price was just chopped $2M a couple of weeks ago. The house has a modern barn/farm look on the outside, elements which are carried inside via the plain stair handrail and some plain wood buttresses on the outside, but other rooms, such as the living room, have a more formal feel with paneling. The effect is kind of disjoint. If you're going to have a formal inside you should have a more formal exterior and the same goes for the modern barn look.

Other than that and the price, this property offers a lot, including your own field views, oceanviews, and all the modern rich-folks features like a fitness room, wine cellar and tasting room, pool and poolhouse, home theater, sunken tennis court, Crestron automation, and so on and so forth. There are 8 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms in a sprawling 9600sf house.
· 55 Town Line Road [Corcoran]