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Owner of 436 Gin Lane Applies for Demo Permit

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The saga of 436 Gin Lane continues. The house, known as Halcyon Lodge, and its neighbor were put on the market back in September; its neighbor sold quickly but Halcyon Lodge lingers, despite a 20% pricechop, making its current ask $19.9M. We understand the owner of this property is hedge fund manager Scott Bommer and that he paid $18.3M for the house back in 2006. Neighbors have been complaining about the lack of upkeep to the place. Now the owner has applied for a permit to demolish the house.

The property is 1.5 acres with 142 feet of oceanfront; the house itself sports eight bedrooms and six and a half baths. There's also a rather amazing dunetop pool and a three bedroom carriage house for staff or guests. Halcyon Lodge is one of Southampton Village's original cottage colony homes. It is a rare example of the Stick Style, of which there may only be one other remaining in the village. In 1951, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford II, the owners, commissioned Philip Johnson to add a glass addition to the residence.

A public hearing of the Southampton Architectural Review Board regarding the demo application will be held tomorrow night, February 12, at Southampton Village Hall on Main Street.
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