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Tour a Modern Wavy-Roofed House by the Bay in Springs

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The owners of this property seem to have said to themselves, "Say! Let's build a cool modern house right on the water in Springs, and then let's fill it up with the dullest furniture we can find at HomeGoods!" Sigh. Well, you're not buying the furniture. The house itself features walls of glass facing the water, and there's a waterside pool as well. The house isn't huge at 2300sf, with four bedrooms and three baths, and the plot isn't huge either at a half acre, but there are endless relaxing vistas, so you don't need a lot of land. There's easy access to the private community beach and boaters can get a slip at the private marina. Asking price is $1.95M, which seems fairly reasonable. And let's hope the next owners like interesting contemporary furniture.
· Private beach association - water view with gorgeous sunsets [BHS]