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Noyack Bayfront Compound (Plus Tons of Clutter) is $1.995M

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We guess this property is fairly nice, but it's honestly hard to tell through the clutter and tchotchkes everywhere.

Besides the bayfront location, the attraction of this property is that there are two houses—a two-bedroom, 1.5 bath main house and a one-bedroom, one-bath cottage with its own deck. The master bedroom also sports its own sunroom overlooking the bay. Well, the listing says it overlooks the bay, but from the photo it's so jammed full of crap it's a fire hazard. Plus, it's fairly hard to tell from the listing what room or deck goes where. Once this place is decluttered it will be a very attractive property in a good location, but as it is now we can't see anyone paying two million dollars for it.
· Multi-Home Compound, Panoramic Bay Front Views in Sag Harbor [T&C]