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Here's the House Farrell is Building After Tearing Down Countess LuAnn's

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Real Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps spent the past year dropping the price of her rather lovely Bridgehampton house. In September, it was purchased by local builder Joe Farrell for $8M. He planned to tear down the 6500sf house, on 2.2 acres, and build a much larger one. Here's a rendering. The home will be 8500sf on the first two floors plus an additional 3600sf on the lower level. In total, there will be seven bedrooms and 7.5 baths. Asking price is $19.95M, as predicted. If we were ponying up $20 million for a house, we'd prefer one that doesn't look exactly like every other Farrell house around (see examples), but it's clear, considering the great business Farrell does, we're in the minority.
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