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Making Cheese at Bridgehampton's Mecox Bay Dairy

Food blog The Kitchn visited Mecox Bay Dairy in Bridgehampton, where Pete Ludlow's family have farmed for generations. Pete manages a small herd of Jersey cows, whose milk is made into small batch, raw milk artisanal cheeses. This year, the cheeses were included as an add-on to Amber Waves Farm's CSA; they can also be purchased at the Montauk Farmers Market and online. Varieties produced at Mecox Bay include Shawondasee, a mild, mold-ripened semi-hard cheese made in 8" wheels; Mecox Sunrise, a washed rind semi-hard cheese with a distinctive flavor; Atlantic Mist, a creamy mold-ripened cheese made in 4" discs; Sigit, a gruyere-like hard cheese that must age for at least eight months; and cheddar, which is aged seven months and is creamy rather than sharp.
· Life on Mecox Bay Dairy Farm [TheKitchn]