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Curbed Hamptons' 10 Most Popular Stories for 2014

As the year draws to a close, we thought it the perfect opportunity to share Curbed Hampton's most popular stories for 2014. Number 1, of course, was about Scarlett Johansson bringing sexy back to Amagansett. Number 9 had nothing to do with the Hamptons but was about George Clooney and his bride Amal, about whom, of course, there is much interest.

10. Easily Offended? Skip the Judgmental Map of the Hamptons
9. Rumormongering
8. Stargaze with the 2014 Curbed Hamptons Celebrity Homes Map
7. Behold, the Current Cheapest House in the Hamptons
6. Here's the Southampton House the Kardashians Are Renting
5. This Beautiful Further Lane Property Just Sold for a Recordbreaking $147M
4. Here's the House Farrell is Building After Tearing Down Countess LuAnn's
3. American Horror Story: Floral Wallpaper
2. Summer 2014 New Restaurant Roundup
1. Here's the Amagansett House Scarlett Johansson Just Bought