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Here's the $30M House Being Built Behind Wooldon Manor

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Gin Lane's historic Wooldon Manor's large property was subdivided when it was sold this summer. Each parcel was about two acres and sold for about ten million; this one, now known as 20 Gin Lane, closer to the ocean, traded at $11.4M. The new house being built by Jay Bialsky will be about 10,000sf, with eight bedrooms and 8.5 baths. We're sure it will be lovely, but for our tastes, there really aren't that many rooms for that size house. We find calling a room the "great hall" pretty pretentious, and we note that the master bathroom is almost as large as the master bedroom. We also would prefer a smaller "motor court" for our motorcars and a bigger pool. Of course, the deeded beach access is pretty sweet, and the pool house will offer a gym and spa. Were you looking to spend $30M on a property, would it be this one?
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