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'Pure Suburban Banality' in Sagaponack Sells for Full Price

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When this five-bedroom, asking price $2.795M, was a Pricespotter subject back in Juliy, comments were mixed. Negative: "Pure suburban banality" "great deal if u like the roar of jet engines" and "I looked at this house the last time it was on the market a few years ago. Wedged neatly between the train tracks and the airport. Looked cheesy and dated then. Staging has helped a bit." Positive: "Nice place at a reasonable price" "Seems like a stylish home with lots of space on a sizable lot. It's been staged with surgical precision, which is smart. […] I could see this moving quickly at just under $3m" and "It doesn't float my boat, but it is neat and clean and people do love Sagaponack, even North of the highway. At under 3 mill, or hopefully around 2.5, it's not bad at all." We agree! It's not exciting, but perfectly fine. And someone liked it enough to pay full price for it.
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