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Big Reveal: How Much for an EH Village Fringe Traditional?

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Address: 22 Cedar Street, East Hampton
Price: $1,195,000
The most popular guess was $1.395M. Commenters were fairly savage about the place, from the kitchen—we're not a fan of the green glass counters either, we must admit—to the pool. "Holy windex counter tops, whoa! They must have been 70% off in Home Depot when the owner went shopping for countertops." "Despite the fancy oven, the house shows as forlorn and kind of woebegone. Constructive criticism? Either empty the bedrooms or stage them. I would not even want to die in any of these rooms as they are now." "Did you ever hear about spotting a good buy in the rough? Not every home for sale is ready for a photo shoot. I appreciate that there is one simple middle class unpretentious home in the Hamptons. Do I like the way it's decorated? No. Do I need to think about their furniture? No. What's the point in beating up on a poor unpretentious old house."
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