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Here's Some New Listings with No Interior Photos

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Usually we don't highlight listings without photos of the home's interior, but lately there have been some worthy of note. Isn't the above a gorgeous photo of an oceanfront home? The property is 45 Whalers Lane, Amagansett, 1.6 acres in the dunes. The house looks suburban McMansiony, with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths in 3000sf. Maybe it's considered a teardown? The $13M asking price seems high for a teardown, even given the generous plot size.

The next property, 553 Flying Point Rd, Water Mill, boasts a 2000sf cottage that's definitely a goner. The listing urges you to "build the home of your dreams with pool and pool house." For your $7.8M, you get a 2.19 acres of prime south of the highway land and an existing tennis court.

The listing for 22 Darby Lane, East Hampton, includes no interior photos because it's not finished being built. The place looks quite attractive on the exterior; when completed the house will be 8800sf, with six bedrooms, six and a half baths, and six fireplaces (two exterior). Asking price for the property, which is 1.03 acre with pool and pool house, is $9.95M. We wouldn't be surprised if someone scooped it up quickly.