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Tour an Appealing Shingled House on Georgica Cove

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This shingled house is low-key and unpretentious, exactly right for a summer house. It's 7500sf, with four bedrooms and 6.5 baths and a separate one-bedroom apartment. Not big enough, you scoff? The listing notes that "Zoning would allow substantial house expansion." The real star here, of course, is outside: there are three acres of prime land right on an inlet of Georgica Pond (408 feet water frontage), and the house is designed to make the most of the peaceful water vistas. Of course there's a waterside pool; there isn't a tennis court but there is room for one. Asking price is $24.75M, which is reasonable, given that an acre on Georgica Pond goes for $8-9M these days.
· Georgica Pond Waterfront [Sotheby's]