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Readers' Predictions for 2015 in Hamptons Real Estate

Last week, we asked you for your thoughts on next year's real estate market. Here are some of the best.

Commenter NantucketBlues wrote, "There are a lot of trades happening in East Quogue and Hampton Bays. With the new golf course going in in East Quogue (eventually) and the restaurants booming in the Hampton Bays area, there is no reason not to be there because the beaches are just as nice as anywhere else and proximity to the city is key for young professionals wanting a smaller, more manageable beach house - A little renovation to an existing home can go a long way!" An anonymous poster agreed: "Montauk and HB are the next goldmines! Buildout is here everywhere else and Montauk and Hampton Bays beaches are to die for!"

The ever ebullient DaveH wrote: "more Starbucks and more CVSes and more 7-11s; more internationals (cool); more Farrell buildings and maybe the 1st teardown of a Farrell for a bigger Farrell; more sh!t with the name Montauk on it; more public trash bags tossed indiscriminantly." Anonymous replied, "What private employer provides more jobs on the east end than Farrell? In my book, jobs are good, whether you like his style or not. I would be overjoyed to have a Costco and Home Depot in the Hampton Commons - like a dream come true."

DaveH replied, "I actually like Farrell's style. a lot. think I am one of the few. I find it classic. But on a personal level--he is beyond rich--at what point does he look in the mirror and say, "hey self, you are the guy that turned all this land into congestion!" I mean does that angle not have any credence? It's a land issue for me, not a jobs issue. No one cares that my job is at risk. OK, he isn't doing condos/that I find worse. But turning country into town sucks, in my opinion- there is a wonderful program on public channel that covers how a few wonderful locals in San Francisco fought off the many development projects to the north. As a result that area is still pristine and spectacular and public."

Finally, yoyo wrote, "My serious prediction is that the $5-10mm range will experience a huge uptick in sales as mid-level streeters trade up from their $3-4mm places en masse." Make sense. Here's to 2015!