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Shingled Modern on Amagansett's Bluff Road Asks $6.25M

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This four-bedroom, 4500sf house combines shingles on the exterior with a modern interior. That said, we think it might be a tough sell, and not just for the offputting Playboy art. It's very bachelor-pad-like. The master bedroom is way too open-plan for a family, although it has an ocean view. Parts are very attractive, as the listing notes: "An absolute delight of this custom built home are the surprising details of design throughout, from the curved kitchen windows to a geometric shaped outdoor shower." The plot isn't very large at 0.48 of an acre, but there are permits and plans for a pool should the new owners want one. What do you think of the place?
· Amagansett Modern Home with Ocean Views [Sotheby's]