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Tour Stunning New Construction in Bridgehampton South

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This new-build asking $5.95M is really tasteful and beautiful, although we have a few caveats. We'd change the damned flatscreens over the fireplaces, a trend we loathe, but that's minor. (Not sure about the checkerboard patio by the pool either, which seems to be a thing now.) More serious is that the house has only four bedrooms, even though it's spacious at 5400sf; there are 5.5 baths. The plot is small at 0.40 acre, but there's a pool and a detached garage/pool house. No room for a tennis court, if that's important to you. For such a small plot, the price should be lower. On the other hand, across the street is a Farrell new-build, about the same size, on an acre, asking $7.25M. Of course, that property has been on the market for eight months now. We'll be interested to see what this sells for.
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