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Healthy Holiday Tips from Expert Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger

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Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger is the founder and a director of the new Elements Fitness Studio in East Hampton. A professional dancer, music theatre performer, actor, and fitness guru, Andrea has taught the elite and famous, including Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Parker Posey, Kirsten Dunst, Christy Turlington, and Jessica Seinfeld. We asked her to give us her tips for enjoying the holiday season with health and fitness in mind.

How can we navigate a holiday party without destroying all our hard work?
Don't deny yourself at a holiday party! Small tastes of everything at the holiday table will be better for your waistline rather than denying yourself all night, then bingeing on the sweetest treat you can find at the end of the night.

Stick to the sparkly seltzer with a lemon, lime, or an orange in it. Stay away from sugary punch bowls and the holiday cocktails. If you are going to toast the holiday season, remember moderation is key. Stick to a two-glass minimum, and keep classy with a glass of champs or prosecco rather than the extra sugary holiday specialty cocktail or spiked holiday punch.

And at the coffee shop, stay away from the gingerbread peppermint mocha spiced salted 500 calorie drinks. Instead, try sugar free or ditch the latte all together. Try a skim misto with your favorite signature blend and a pump of your favorite syrup. You will cut the calories in half and still enjoy the coffee house staple of the season.

It's hard to make time for fitness during the busy season.
Make your workout part of your holiday routine. Time your lunch dates and shopping trips after your workout so that you are sure to get it in. Even more fun: buy a friend a class at your favorite barre studio and enjoy fitness together.

And when shopping for that sexy holiday dress, pick up some sassy new workout gear as well. A fun new workout outfit will make you look forward to your fitness routine.

Holiday shopping can and will burn calories if you make it a total body experience. Walk and carry your holiday purchases. While Christmas shopping, take the stairs, park farther away from the store, and carry your bags rather than a using a cart.

The holidays can be so stressful! How can we get into a better frame of mind?
Try not to stress—stress reactions in the body wreak havoc on your waistline. If you are feeling the pressure of the season do some cardio! Get your heart rate going, release those good endorphins and enjoy the challenges of the season!

Don't forget vitamins. Please consult your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements; once you get the clearance, try adding a B complex to your routine to add an extra boost of energy during the busy holiday season. B vitamins help the body metabolize and burn calories more efficiently.

Most of all, take time for you! Making time for quiet reflection, meditation or yoga can help center the mind and body so that you feel better and perform at your best. When you are practicing good mental health exercises, you are more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.
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