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Overdecorated Water Mill House Not Badly Priced at $4.95M

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This spacious house is slightly McMansiony and kind of 90s, but if you can get past that, it offers quite a bit for the money. The house is 6000sf with an additional 2000sf finished lower level, and there's a detached garage with a gym in the upper level. With six bedrooms, six baths and two half baths, there's plenty of room for summer guests. The plot size is 4.18 acres, quite generous, and of course there's a gunite pool and tennis court. Supposedly there's also an ocean view, which looks more like an ocean glimpse from the picture. Considering all it has to offer, the asking price strikes us as not unreasonable; we'll guess it sells for about $4.5M.
· Water Mill Estate with Ocean Views Plus Pool and Tennis [Saunders]